Budget Home Repair Co.
5901 Purtell Street
St.Joseph Mo.64504

As I move closer to being semi retired we have decided to go back to our roots and offer construction consulting and refferal services.were also offering general repairs and maintenance,were back Into painting, drywall repairs and tearouts as well as drywall Issues related to flooding and general household Issues.so before you buy that money pit It might be wise to have a general consultation and a bid on anything that sounds or looks out of the ordinary as far as cement repairs and other major Issues.were not to be confused with a home Inspection company at all.we do not offer full home Inspections at all.

as we wind things down I can say over the years we have fixed alot of waterproofing jobs from other local and franchise based contractors who think they are Innovators and lead the way In this field once you do your research you'll see that It's simply not the case.we specialize In the jobs that the rest of the local and non local contractors try to fix and cant or try to fix and make worse,I can go on and on about jobs we have performed over the years but I prefer to let my work speak for Itself.Ive been awarded best St,Joseph foundation repair co. 5 years running since awards started In 2010.so before your start with the quick sales pitches from the franchise guys and the other local handed down companies (that are living off others names) It might be wise to get the best bang for your buck and that 99% of the time Involves going with Budget Home Repair Co.

we as a business have been rooted In the community and within my family all the way back to 1976 so were very well established and respected throughout the community with thousands upon thousands of jobs performed In  the greater St. Joseph Mo. and surrounding areas.I restarted my end of business up from nothing but a cheap old truck and alot of knowledge way back In early 2000.check our ratings
out on the Better Business Bureau.
we're currently winding down the 2016 work year due to cold weather,look for a fully revamped website In 2017 which will be alil easier to navigate.thanks Mr. Stewart Ceo.